Why can't we say no to ice-cream? Study reveals reason

Children do not have an independent opinion on food until we teach them to be picky.

Many people can never say "no" to ice cream. Ice cream is a great energy source, however brand nutrition varies. 

It provides important minerals and vitamins. Its high fat and sugar content is unhealthy for diabetics, asthmatics, and other lung disease sufferers.

Researchers say the media affects kids' eating habits. Reading shapes children's eating patterns, which they carry into adulthood.

According to Elle, books and TV tell kids what to like and dislike because they cannot form their own opinions on food.

When provided regularly and positively, children view nutrient-poor food as desirable and normative.

The results came from a study of 2-4-year-olds on how media affects food attitudes. The report appears in Appetite, an international scientific journal.

Kids will eat anything unless we educate them to pick. Dr. Tricia Gold told New York Magazine that children's palates will explore solid food soon. 

Researchers observed that ice cream is commonly served to commemorate a good event or help someone feel better in the novels. Ice cream has a special position.

Parents may help kids love fruits and vegetables by exposing them to healthy food books, say researchers.

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