What The Malt In A Milkshake Really Is

Malty whiskey or beer may come to mind when you think about malt. A skilled baker may have used malt powder to make bread.

What is malt, and how does it fit in a chocolate malt milkshake and Vegemite?

Toasted barley is the starting point for all of these malt usage.

Malt is manufactured by partially germinating and toasting grains. This versatile component is used in beer, confectionery, baking, and milkshakes.

What is Malt?

Malted grains are used in beer and whiskey production. Malt is a dried grain that is soaked and sprouted, then dried, toasted, or kilned. Rye, corn, or any other grain is used to make malt, but barley is the most common.

How Malted Milk Powder Is Made

Malt is available in powdered or liquid form, as well as malt syrup, which is prepared by heating sprouting grains and reducing the fluid into a concentrated sweetener.

A maltster makes malt extract, which is dried and mixed with milk to make malted milk powder.

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