Top 10 Foods To Try In England

1. Seafood

Cromer crab, caught in the waters around the North Sea village of Cromer, is a jewel in the coral crown of English seafood, prized for its juicy meat and sweet flavour.

2. Pork pies

Conveniently pocket-sized and packed with protein, fats and carbohydrates, pork pies are an enduringly popular on-the-go snack – whether it's for a picnic or simply breaking for lunch.

3. Balti curry

Baltis can be made with any of a wide range of meats, vegetables and spices. The dish is fried in vegetable oil (not ghee), at high temperature in a metal pan called a ‘balti’, which gives the curry its name.

4. Forced rhubarb

This specialty crop is traditionally grown inside low, brick buildings known as forcing sheds.In search of light, the rhubarb rapidly sends out stems, which can then be harvested while they’re still young, sweet and tender.

5. Cheddar

The ‘cheddaring’ process gives cheddar its characteristic taste—strong and sharp but creamy. Cheese is traditionally cut into slabs and flipped several times during storage to remove moisture and improve flavor and texture.

6. Cask ale and sparkling wine

While England’s alcohol consumption has steadied in recent years, the nation is still fond of a tipple.These lukewarm, low-fizz ales are an acquired taste, but their special treatment makes for mellow drinking.

7. Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a British institution, and it can be made up of various finger foods such as sandwiches (without crusts), scones with jam and clotted cream, and patisserie-style dessert items

8. British Chinese-style dishes

Much British Chinese-inspired food differs greatly from traditional regional dishes, as any Brit will admit. But this does not make British Chinese food any less delicious.

9. Caribbean-inspired dishes

There’s a multinational abundance of dishes to sample, including jerk chicken, Jamaican patties, salt fish and oxtail stew.

10. Fish & chips

Classically, the dish comprises a battered haddock or cod fillet, and thick fried potato chips.Both the fish and the chips are seasoned with salt and malt vinegar.

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