"Is this really a person from our planet?" - Maria Paseka on "huge incentive" Simone Biles

A month ago, Valentina Rodionenko, the head coach of Russian artistic gymnastics, said Simone Biles, the finest gymnast ever, "had no great performance".

Maria Paseka, a two-time vault World Champion and former Russian national team member, has defended the American. Biles defeated Paseka many times on the world level.

We performed together, and she inspired me. I always wanted to beat her, but only if she made a mistake. The law of meanness says she only made mistakes while I wasn't at the competition!"

"Biles is a gifted gymnast. I don't know how she does some things. Is this individual from Earth?"

"My only triumph was at the 2015 Glasgow World Championships. She didn't do her hardest vault, but I did. The PRK girl (Hong Un-jong) finished second, Simone third, and I won.

Simone has always appealed to me. She is cheery and polite offstage. After jumping in Rio 2016, she came over to congratulate me, but I'm taller than her and didn't realize who was poking me in the back."

I regret Biles' win. What's gymnastics? It's scary to watch! Do you see a low aesthetic? Nothing to watch. She struggles, not excels. She only triumphs through struggle."