10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Still Use

1. Landline Phones

Boomers are notorious for keeping their landline phones even in the age of smartphones. They value the reliability and familiar feel of a physical phone handset.

2. Fax Machines

Despite the prevalence of email and digital communication, Boomers still find value in their trusty fax machines.

3. Vinyl Records

While digital music streaming dominates the industry, Boomers proudly hold on to their extensive vinyl record collections.

4. VHS Tapes

Boomers are known for their love of movies, and their collections of VHS tapes are a testament to this passion.

5. Rolodexes

In the age of digital address books and smartphone contacts, Boomers often maintain their trusty Rolodexes on their desks.

6. Encyclopedias

Boomers are likely to have a collection of encyclopedias proudly displayed on their bookshelves. Despite the wealth of information available online, they value the comprehensive nature of these physical reference books.

7. Film Cameras

Boomers often have a collection of film cameras tucked away in their closets. They appreciate the art of photography and the patience required to capture the perfect shot.

8. Answering Machines

Many Boomers still use answering machines to screen their phone calls. They appreciate the ability to listen to messages in real time and decide whether or not to answer.

9. Wall Calendars

Despite the prevalence of digital calendars and smartphone reminders, Boomers often stick to their trusty wall calendars.