Single-Arm Overhead Press

This free weight exercise will target your deltoids (shoulders) and engage your core for balance.

10 Daily Free Weight Exercises To Improve Balance & Mobility

Rear Lateral Raise

This movement helps improve posture and shoulder stability.

Standing Pull-up with Kettlebell

The standing pull-up engages the back muscles while integrating kettlebells for added resistance and increased strength gains

Chest Pass

Using a medicine ball, the chest pass involves explosive movements, engaging your chest, shoulders, and core.

Dumbbell Halos

This exercise involves circling a dumbbell around your head, engaging the shoulder muscles in a controlled manner.

Side Lunge with Dumbbells

This exercise engages the muscles in the thighs and buttocks while promoting balance and stability.

Dashed Trail

Standing Oblique Crunches

This exercise targets the oblique muscles in your midsection while challenging your balance.

Glute Bridge

This simple yet effective move is a classic glute and hamstring builder—two muscles that promote lower body strength and stability.

Dashed Trail


This unique movement improves hip mobility and strengthens the muscles around the hips for a serious boost to your balance.